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Roadmap 1.0

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eBook for Chimp Frens Holders — Balancing Personal Life & Work with NFTs and Crypto

We’ve partnered with an Holistic Therapist who wrote a three-part eBook that covers everything from:

‣ Mental Wellbeing

‣ Depression & Anxiety

‣ Goal Setting

‣ Meditation

‣ Creating healthy habits

‣ Manage the impact of NFTs and Crypto in your Personal Life.

‣ More.

Distress Fund

1. We’re dedicating a distress fund for Chimp Holders who may need assistance at any time.

2. This fund will be partially managed by the DAO — meaning that we will present a case to the DAO

   and the decision will be made considering the community’s input.


Managed by the Team & DAO

Composed of:

12,5% of Secondary Royalties

5% of Mint

Video Games & Yearly/Lifetime Subscriptions

Video Games have been proven to reduce anxiety, relieve depression and help build social confidence,

among other positive effects.


Along with Video Games, we will distribute subscriptions to apps and guides/plans which can provide

value for some of our Chimp Frens Holders!

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